President Uhuru Kenyatta Apologizes to NASA Principals

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday evening issued an apology to Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula after leading the National Prayer Breakfast event at Safari Park hotel.

    Through his social media, the Head of State issued an unequivocal apology to all the National Super Alliance (NASA) principals.

    "We will not always agree on everything. We will sometimes hold differing political opinions. But we will also agree on some issues. That is true Unity. We should preach peace and unity at every opportunity.

    "We have campaigned against one another. We have said nasty things about one another. We have hurt one another. On my behalf, I ask for your forgiveness and tender my apology. Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula," he stated.

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    The Head of State noted that while Kenya has had many shortcomings, it has also had great successes and leaders need to bring the country together to multiply those successes into 10 folds.

    The President, who was accompanied by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, emphasised that forgiveness should be viewed as a sign of great strength, not weakness.

    President Kenyatta added since Kenya is a democracy, people would never always agree on everything and will from time to time have differences in terms of political opinion. He further urged that the differences should never lead to bloodshed and destruction of property.

    On the issues that Kenyans agree, the President implored leaders to work together to ensure the national goals are achieved.

    “The challenges facing this country are huge: we still have to ensure we give our people adequate healthcare, adequate housing – surely we can’t disagree on that,” the President pointed out.

    He added: “We need to be able to ensure that our people have access to electricity and decent jobs – surely, we can agree on that and pull together in order to ensure we make the lives of our people better.”

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    On the fight against corruption, President Kenyatta stated that leaders have to unite against the vice, saying people should not use tribe, ethnicity or religion to hide behind their negative acts.

    “A thief is a thief. He is not a Luo, he is not a Kikuyu, he is not a Kalenjin – he has a name,” President Kenyatta affirmed.

    Speaking on uniting the country, President Kenyatta observed that he started the journey with Deputy President William Ruto with the idea of bringing people together to end violence and bloodshed.

    “This is a journey that I am hoping will be strengthened by working closely with my brother Raila Odinga and all leaders in the country,” he explained.

    On his part, the Deputy President stated that the act of reconciliation spearheaded by the President will ensure the country prospers adding that the power of forgiveness is what brings nations together. Additionally, he said we must resist hate, refuse disunity and say no to negative ethnicity.

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    Opposition leader Raila Odinga who tendered his apology on behalf of NASA coalition said never again shall Kenyans be led to fight against each other because of the election.

    “ I want to thank my brother Uhuru Kenyatta on what he has just done and I wanted to mention that when we decided to shake hands we had a very long discussion, we went down the memory lane where it started. Where did the rains begin to beat us as Kenyans,” Raila conveyed.

    He said the views collected from Kenyans by the handshake committee will be implemented to the latter to ensure the country is unified and that the recurring cycle of violence during elections would never happen again.

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