Alfred Keter's Scathing Attack on DP William Ruto [VIDEO]

  • Nandi Hills Member of Parliament Alfred Keter has attacked Deputy President William Ruto and his bid to ascend to the presidency come 2022.

    In a video seen by, the MP who was speaking on Saturday did not mince his words as he warned the electorate against voting in the DP.

    "Juzi alinipigia simu akaniuliza; sasa wewe naona unaanza kukoroga mambo na mimi naomba kura 2022 (He recently called me and told me; you are messing things up and you are aware I am seeking votes come 2022)," Keter stated without mentioning names.

    [caption caption="DP William Ruto in a past event"][/caption]

    "Nikamwambia maombi yangu kama Mheshimiwa Keter, kama kuna mtu anakuombea usipate nafasi ya kuwa rais ni mimi wa kwanza (I told him that my earnest prayer as Keter is that he will never land the chance to lead the country).

    "Kwa sababu ata mimi nataka kuwa rais siku moja, wewe ukipata nafasi, watu wa Kenya watachukia jamii yetu ya Kalenjin wakifikiria sisi ni wezi kama wewe (I also plan to vie for the presidency one day, but if you get the chance, Kenyans will forever hate the Kalenjin nation thinking that we are just as corrupt as you are)," the Nandi Hills legislator stated.

    Keter who recently won a petition challenging his election further stated that those who loot from public coffers do it for their selfish given that "their families including brothers are still languishing in poverty".

    "There is nothing as a tribe. You don't steal on behalf of a community. If you loot to purchase a helicopter, you register it under your name and not under the name of Nandi nation, Kalenjin, Kipsigis, or Tugen," the MP emphasized.

    Media reports have in the past alleged that DP Ruto has acquired an Airbus H145 Helicopter, arguably the most expensive chopper in Kenya, costing Ksh871 Million to purchase a new one and the cost possibly rising up to Ksh1 Billion due to customisations and branding.

    The Nandi Hills MP indicated that he will embark on a countrywide tour warning Kenyans on the consequences of electing some people and leave it upon the people to decide.

    [caption caption="The Airbus H145 Helicopter allegedly owned by DP Ruto at Wilson Airport"][/caption]"

    I will tour the country warning the electorate. If people make the mistake to vote for 'some people' and the country is looted clean, they should not blame the Kalenjin community. Choices have consequences," Alfred Keter opined.

    Here is the video: