Larry Madowo, Victoria Rubadiri Feature on Netflix Show [VIDEO]

  • Former NTV journalists Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri were featured on a Netflix comedy show.

    The two news anchors who used to work at the Nation Media Group got featured on the Joel McHale's show where he was speaking on Ugandan movie productions.

    McHale hilariously showed how Uganda's version of Hollywood, Wakaliwood were underfunded but still used photoshop to make low-quality films.

    "Hollywood studios waste millions of dollars and end up with garbage like the godfather. Wakaliwood makes some pretty compelling surprisingly popular movies with budgets of about 200 buck (Ksh20,000)," McHale stated.

    [caption caption="Journalists Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo"][/caption]

    He then showed his audience a clip of Madowo and Rubadiri who had in the past reviewed one of the movies from Wakaliwood stating: "Just in case you are on the fence whether it's ok to laugh at all this, please enjoy this Kenya's reporter preview of Uganda's expandables."

    In the clip, Madowo laughs uncontrollably after watching the trailer of Uganda's version of Expendables which is a popular movie which made over Ksh27 billion at the box office.

    Madowo laughed so much walking off his bulletin set because of the special visual effects created for the Ugandan version which did not match reality as well as the narration of the film.

    McHale jokingly hailed Madowo and Rubadiri for the review they gave the movie stating: "That is actually the best review the film received, it even wind up in the poster."

    Just like the popular Dj Afro who commentates on films in Wakaliwood, a VJ adds extra colour to a movie with their jokes, a spectrum of expressions, tone, rhythm, and extra dialogue.

    Wakaliwood was started in 2005 by Isaac Nabwana in Wakaliga, a slum in Kampala which has about 2,000 inhabitants.

    The low-budget films are produced using everyday household items, such as frying pans, and PVC pipes as mock rocket launchers, and condoms filled with red dye for exploding squibs.

    Here is the video courtesy of Larry Madowo: