Kesses MP Dr Swarup Mishra Gives Locals Free Cows

Kesses MP Dr Swarup Mishra started a drive where he will be giving free cows to every home that does not own one in his constituency.

Dr Mishra, the owner of Mediheal Group of Hospitals, stated that the initiative was part of his campaign pledge where he beat his rivals overwhelmingly in the only race that was won by a non-local in the whole of North Rift.

Through his Facebook account, Mishra wrote: "As I said earlier this process of issuing cows to my great people of Kesses will remain sustainable until all people without a cow get one. I am indebted. At our constituency office issuing cows."

Dr Mishra who branded himself as an adopted child of the Nandi community ran away with the seat in a landslide victory that left his opponents sour.

[caption caption="Dr Swarup Mishra giving one of his constituency member a cow"][/caption]

He garnered 45,089 votes, with his closest challenger Cornelius Kogo of Kanu, coming a distant second with a paltry 2,789 votes.

When asked how he managed to convince members of the Kalenjin community who are known for being conservative and mostly prefer their own to lead he stated: "My principle has always been to serve the common man. I also listen to their needs especially in my clinic which they have come to appreciate."

He rose to popularity for generously contributing to community projects and waiving huge medical bills for patients admitted to his hospital and further won the hearts of many at Kesses after he declared that he will direct his salary to a special fund to cater for the residents’ needs.

Kesses Constituency residents baptised him Kiprop arap Chelule so as to fit into the Kalenjin nation that praises him for being a generous man.

"Kiprop means born during the rain while Chelule means from outside, but now fully assimilated. My clan is Kap Chepkendi," Dr Mishra, a fluent Kalenjin speaker told stated.

[caption caption="Dr Swarup Mishra giving one of his constituency member a cow"][/caption]

Dr Mishra was born in Orissa, India, in 1965 and moved to Kenya 18 years ago when his wife Palavi Mishra got a job as a gynecologist in Eldoret.