2 Tough Conditions Set For Governor Obado at Gigiri Police Cells

  • Migori Governor Okoth Obado is not having an easy time in detention at Gigiri Police station owing to the tough conditions set for him by the state.

    Obado has been forced to share his space with common folk in the small cold police holding.

    Police at the station have been forbidden from allowing him to receive food from outside and the Migori County chief has to eat food provided by the government.

    "We are not giving him any preferential treatment different from other prisoners. He is in custody and all prisoners here are treated equally," Gigiri OCPD Richard Mwangi remarked.

    The county boss has no option but to drink watery tea and a few slices of bread for breakfast and have supper at 3 pm.

    The police station has also been instructed not to allow anyone to visit the governor apart from his immediate family and lawyers.

    The few people allowed to see him must also do so under supervision.

    However, due to his VIP status, a source at the police station confided to the Sunday Standard that he was provided with a blanket and a mattress to sleep on but that is as far as his comforts could go.

    The Gigiri OCPD denied rumours that the governor had fallen ill at the police station.

    "Let it be known that Obado is in good health. I can give you an assurance he’s in good health.

    "I can confirm verbally that Mheshimiwa, the prisoner in our custody is here, well and in good health. He however says it is true that life in a police cell is difficult," Mwangi stated.

    The county boss was arrested on Friday after being linked to the gruesome murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno.

    Obado will be arraigned in a Nairobi Court on Monday, September 24.

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