How to Apply for TSC Promotions in Kenya

Promotion of teachers in Kenya will be based on several factors as outlined by the Teachers Service Commission.

The promotions are only for those teachers in public institutions both primary and secondary schools.

Higher institution teachers from Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions and Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) are eligible for the promotion.

According to the commission, direct promotions will also be considered based on the provided requirements.

For one to apply for the promotion, the following requirements are needed:


For one to apply for promotion, there should be a vacancy in the position being sought.

The teacher should have the minimum grade qualification and must have undertaken the professional development courses.

The person applying should have the required experience for the position being applied for as listed below.

Primary School Teachers

The minimum grade requirement is a C plain with a primary teacher required to have a Primary Teacher Education (PTE) certificate.

For the visually and hearing impaired teachers, they are required to have a PTE certificate and a minimum grade of C-

Secondary School Teachers

The lowest requirement is set at C+ in KCSE with a diploma in Education.

The same applies to those with a C+ and a Bachelor’s degree in Education or a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

Higher Institutions Teachers

Minimum grade is placed at C+ and a diploma in the subject one wants to teach.

In the case of one having a grade of C-, a Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor’s degree is required for the subject area being applied for and a Diploma in Technical Education.

Special Education Teachers

For this category, a minimum grade of C+ and a Diploma in Special Needs Education is required.

One may also qualify with a minimum grade of C+ and a Bachelor’s degree in Special Needs Education.