Esther Passaris Accuses Governor Mike Sonko of Ignorance

  • Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris on Friday claimed that Governor Mike Sonko ignores her office.

    Speaking during the launch of a report on the girl child, the women's representative stated that the governor continually talks to the president, the senator and other leaders but always leaves her out.

    She further accused the Governor of neglecting girls stating that he is not doing enough to ensure that they stay in school by providing sanitary towels.

    Passaris further claimed that girls in Nairobi schools were only supplied with the product for only four months.

    "It is the governors' role to ensure girls are given sanitary towels,” she stated.

    Passaris also claimed that her efforts to reach the Governor had been unsuccessful adding that she has made the attempt nine times.

    I have an investor from the Netherlands who wants to put up a Sh9 billion recycling plant which could create 40,000 jobs if the governor cooperates," she claimed

    She also claimed that she garnered more than 800,000 votes during the 2017 elections and so she ought to be taken seriously adding that she is usually not invited to county initiatives.

    I wasn't involved in cleaning the city. It is because the governor did not invite me. It is now clear he looks down upon my office," she added

    Passaris has in the past come under fire from the public for missing a crucial parliamentary session that saw the controversial Finance Bill passed.