Meaning of Skull at Rosemary Odinga's House

  • Rosemary Odinga with her father Raila Odinga Facebook
  • Rosemary Odinga has a symbolic skull that she keeps as a tribute to her brother, the Late Fidel Odinga.

    During an interview with Citizen TV, she revealed that it was given to her on November 2 which is the date set aside by Catholic faithful to pray for the dead.

    She also explained that the date was special because it coincided with her late brother's birthday.

    The late Fidel Odinga

    His death affected her greatly because she described him as her greatest friend.

    Rosemary reiterated how huge of an influence Fidel was to her, further reminiscing about how she stayed in his house when she moved to the US.

    They went to the same college and he would take her through the simplest tasks such as what food to cook and how to cook it.

    The 41-year-old mother of two spoke about “crying all the time” and thinking about giving up and feeling helpless and hopeless during her first stages of partial blindness.

    Ms Odinga described a stroke that changed the course of her life in 2017, while on a training workshop in Naivasha.

    She was then flown to Nairobi Hospital for surgery but had to seek specialised treatment in South Africa.

    With the help of her children, friends, family and community members who occasionally show up to pray for her, she claimed that she has now adapted to her new lifestyle.

    Rosemary Odinga during an interview with Citizen TV