Chief Arrested for Disappearing With Huduma Namba Machine

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  • An assistant chief in Murang’a found himself in trouble after he was arrested and arraigned in court for disappearing with the NIIMS registration gadget.

    Gerald Maina Njuguna, the Gikandu Sub-location assistant chief, was charged that on diverse dates between April 5 and April 7, he took away the gadget from his sub-location thus frustrating the ongoing Huduma Namba registration.

    The prosecution stated that he was arrested on April 8 after a manhunt was launched by security officers only for the chief to be found in a local bar.

    The charges further stated the administrator’s actions were likely to impair the efficiency of the exercise in the discharge of the government service.

    Kenyans queue up to register for Huduma Namba

    Kenya News Agency reports that the local administrator had been mandated with the task of leading the clerks in his sub-location in the registration exercise.

    The court also heard that when he disappeared with the gadget, residents in the area were forced to walk for long distances to neighboring sub-counties for registration.

    He denied the charges and was released on a Ksh100,000 bond and surety of the same amount.

    The Huduma Namba registration exercise that was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta on April 2 in Machakos county has encountered some hitches.

    In some counties, the machines failed to work with the clerks blaming the residents of having oily hands thus making the machines malfunction.

    In Kisumu, the registrations clerks failed to show up leading to the suspension of the exercise on the very first day.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta pictured undergoing the registration process in Machakos