Kenyans Who Might Be Forced to Register for Huduma Namba Again

New Government spokesman Retired Colonel Cyrus Oguna has announced that some Kenyans who have registered for the Huduma Namba might be forced to repeat the process.

During his second weekly briefing to the public, the newly appointed spokesman stated that after the mass registration deadline, the government will compare the data with what they already have in their database.

He highlighted that those who might have provided wrong ID numbers and birth certificate numbers will be forced to re-register.

Speaking to on phone, a Ministry of Interior official stated that the NIIMS machines that were used to register people for the Huduma Namba will remain with local administrators.

This is supposed to make it easier for the people required to register afresh as all they will be needed to do is visit the chief's office and provide the correct information.

The official also alleged that they had information that some people might have used fake documents specifically birth certificates and IDs to register.

“Those with genuine documents have nothing to fear, including those who used alternative identification documents but after the consolidation of the data, if some information does not match you will be required to visit the chief’s office to register again,” the official stated.

This comes at a time when Col (Rtd) Oguna announced that over 36 million Kenyans have already registered for the crucial number.

On Friday May 17. President Uhuru Kenyatta extended the mass registration by an extra week in a bid to achieve the government's target of 40 million registered Kenyans.

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