Daring Thugs Rob Ksh1.5 Million From Bank After Digging Tunnel

  • Image of a tunnel that thieves dug in a bank in Tanzania File
  • Police have launched investigations after a gang broke into a bank in Kitui and made away with Ksh1.5 million.

    Capital News reports that the incident occurred at Itoleka Financial Services Association (FSA) on Saturday. 

    The thieves used a tunnel to gain access into the bank and later broke the safe where the day's collection was stored.

    An ultra-modern bank safe

    The incident was confirmed by Kitui East Sub-County Commander Edward Legei

    He revealed that the gang took two days to dig the tunnel. A guard who was walking around the building on Sunday was the first to notice it. 

    “A guard told our officers that as he was patrolling the bank when he saw a tunnel and suspected something was amiss,” Legei explained.

    This incident is reminiscent of what happened at KCB Thika in November 2017. 

    Thugs stole Ksh50million after digging a 30-metre-long tunnel into the bank’s strongroom.

    According to officers, the tunnel was dug from inside a stall opposite the Thika Divisional Police headquarters.

    The criminals were allegedly running a bookshop in the stall.

    KBC Thika where thugs dug a 30-metre tunnel in 2017