Twist as Cohen's Sister Showers His Wife With Praises

  • The recent discovery of murdered Dutch Billionaire Tob Cohen's body that was retrieved from a manhole in his Kitusuru home in Nairobi certainly left all fingers pointing towards his wife, Sarah Wairimu.

    However, the Dutchman's sister Gabriele van Straten, surprisingly enough still managed to speak well lof Wairimu, despite the recent revelation.

    In a video by Citizen TV, Gabriele still maintained she still saw good in her sister-in-law, in spite of the fact that she was the main suspect in her(Gabriele) brother's murder case.

    Tob Cohen's sister Gabrielle Van Straten and her husband Roy addressing the media. The two still speak well of their Sister-in-law Sarah Wairimu.

    "Sarah was one charming and entertaining and person," pointed out Cohen's sister.

    The Dutchman's brother-in-law only identified as Roy also could not hide how he still held Ms. Wairimu in high regard.

    "She was a nice-looking woman, well educated and very well-spoken. Her culture was different from ours but we respected that. I cannot say anything negative about her, absolutely not," admitted Roy.

    According to Cohen's family, the ongoing circumstances put aside, Sarah's character could not be compared to what she is portrayed as. 

    Sarah had previously given contradicting information concerning her husband's whereabouts soon after his disappearance. She had stated that he had flown out of the country for treatment right until the discovery of Cohen's corpse in their residential home.

    Gabrielle Van Straten pictured speaking to Citizen TV journalists. She spoke positively of Sarah Wairimu's character.

    The family further declared their relief that Cohen's body had been found in his home, meaning that he was not a missing person.

    "If he was a missing person it would take five or ten years. As far as I can speak this great, even better he was found at his own home," the soft-spoken Gabriele stated.

    In recent reports, Cohen left his sister in charge of his Ksh400 million estate. Gabrielle was entrusted with a copy of the will in which Sarah Wairimu was left out. 

    Cohen was reported to have gone missing on July 20, and fourty days after Cohen's disappearance, his body found buried in a manhole in his Kitusuru home.

    On Thursday, September 12, 2019, the court ordered that his wife, Sarah undergo a mental evaluation to determine whether she is fit to stand a murder trial. 

    Wairimu was arrested on suspicion that she was involved in his disappearance and the plot to have him killed. 

    This was after preliminary investigations by police alleged that she had coached witnesses to give false information pertaining to the movements of Cohen on the day of his disappearance.

    Wairimu has since been held at Lang'ata Women's prisons awaiting trial.

    Sarah Wairimu