Nairobi Majority Leader Kicked out of Office After Elachi Drama

  • The Jubilee Party on Wednesday, October 4, removed Abdi Guyo from his position as the Nairobi County assembly's majority leader over what it termed as undermining the county government.

    Guyo, who had been at the forefront of fighting the embattled speaker Beatrice Elachi, was replaced by Maringo Hamza ward representative Mark Ndung'u.

    In a letter from the County Government dated October 4, that was received by the office of the assembly speaker on October 9, Guyo was accused of interfering with the staff and making it difficult to implement the Jubilee agenda and the big 4.

    Nairobi majority leader Abdi Guyo. He was kicked out of office.

    The letter was also appended a signature by the Jubilee party secretary-general Raphael Tuju approving Governor Mike Sonko's request to have the majority leader removed.

    Speaking to, Governor Sonko's head of communications Jacob Elkana revealed that the governor had no intention of meddling in the issues of the assembly but as a member of the Jubilee Party he felt that Guyo was derailing the party's agenda.

    "It has come to the attention of the Nairobi county government that the majority leader of our ruling party Hon. Abdi Guyo has been undermining the Nairobi county government through intimidation, interference and cajoling," the letter read.

    On October 9, when the embattled speaker returned to her office, chaos ensued as Guyo led a group of other MCAs in trying to kick her out again.

    Dozens of anti-riot police officers were also deployed outside City Hall, where teargas was lobbed to disperse the rival groups.

    Business was temporarily interrupted as the MCAs wrestled on the corridors, with those opposed to Elachi saying she had to vacate.

    The embattled speaker in a live TV interview accused Guyo of chairing her frustrations. Elachi also accused police officers at City Hall of siding with the MCAs who want her out of office.

    The letter approving the expulsion of Guyo as majority leader.

    There are questions, however, on whether the right procedure was followed in removing the leader given the independence between the executive and legislative bodies in the county.

    The fact that Sonko's administration made the request to the party to remove the defiant majority leader could be interpreted as support for the embattled speaker and an attempt by the governor to control the assembly.