Panic as Plane Skids Off Runway [VIDEO]

  • A hilarious but risky situation was recorded in a video that was shared by Daily Nation on Monday, October 21 of an incident that occurred on Sunday, October 20.

    The video showed a lorry from the Kenya Police towing and aircraft that had been stuck in a muddy runway.

    According to the narration, the plane belonging to Rudufu Air, a local airline, got stuck in the mud after it skidded off the runway at Takaba Airstrip in Takaba Town, Mandera West.

    the tire of the plane that got stuck in the mud in Mandera on October 20

    “We had 30 passengers on board when the incident happened and they are all safe in Takaba town,” revealed a staffer, who was not authorised to speak to the media.

    The staff of the airline further revealed that they had tried to push the plane out of the mud to no avail thus asked assistance from the police without much success.

    “We tried to pull the plane (out of the mud) using a police lorry but it was impossible. We will either wait until the mud dries up or we get a tractor,” he added.

    The aircraft skidded off the runway during take-off to Mandera Town after dropping off passengers at the airstrip on Sunday, October 20, afternoon.

    The airline operates from the Wilson Airport and flies the Nairobi-Takaba-Mandera route.

    The passengers were evacuated to Takaba Town where they were accommodated as they waited for the plane to be pulled out of the mud.

    Mandera West Deputy County Commissioner Kipkoech Labatt confirmed the incident stating that they were looking for a tractor to pull the plane's stuck tyres out of the mud.

    residents try to push the plane out of the Mud. It skid off the runway while taking off from the Takada airstrip in Mandera west on October 20