Lupita Speaks Up on Following Father's Footsteps

  • Actress Lupita Nyong'o denied having political ambitions distancing herself from any possibility that she would consider it in the future.

    The Daily Nation on Thursday, October 24 revealed that the actress in an interview with London magazine Metro News that the actress would not follow in the footsteps of her politician father Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o.

    "One politician per family is good enough," Lupita disclosed as she reiterated that she was satisfied with her father being the only member in the family who was a politician.

    Black Panther Star Lupita Nyongo in a picture taken by Variety Magazine on November 10, 2017.

    The Oscar winner also divulged to Vanity Fair on October 11, 2019, that her family's political involvement and how they had to go into exile after a family member went missing in Kenya.

    Her father Anyang Nyong'o and mother Dorothy Ogada Nyong'o moved to Mexico after his brother Charles Nyong'o was disappeared in 1980.

    Charles was reported to be a target because of his opposition to the Moi presidency and he was never found after that.

    Lupita's family returned to Kenya in 1984, a year after the actress was born but the political unrest had them living in fear.

    She spent her first few months in Kenya but the family moved back to Mexico City after that. She was then moved to New York with her parents.

    The actress also talked about her experience being a dark-skinned girl in Hollywood and how she dealt with the discrimination.

    "I once auditioned for something on TV and was told I was too dark to be on television," the Black Panther star explained.

    She also narrated that her little sister who had lighter skin was called 'beautiful' while growing up which made her insecure about her skin.

    Lupita has starred in Mega Hollywood projects such as Black Panther, 12 Years A Slave which won her an Oscar and Us.

    Lupita on the set of Black Panther in 2017.