Secret Cult Linked to Priest's Murder- DCI

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Thursday, October 24 reported that slain priest Father Michael Maingi's murder was linked to cult activities.

The detectives arrested 46-year-old Kavivya Mwangangi at Kategi, Mbeere Embu County on Thursday, October 24 and found out the scary details of the murder.

DCI, through their Twitter, stated that Father Maingi's murder was the subject of investigations with the possibility of illuminati involvement.

Police are investigating the murder of Reverend Michael Maingi Kyengo who went missing on Tuesday, October 8

"The detectives are further investigating the possibility of the murder by the said suspect and his accomplice Michael Mutunga, being connected to a cult which Mutunga is suspected to be part of, after a filled application form by him to join illuminatiam cult in September 2018 was recovered from Mwangangi's rented house," the tweet read.

The detectives also found blood-stained clothes at the suspect's house. They also discovered a mobile phone and a SIM card reported to have received money from the late priest before he was killed.

A notebook bearing a list of names and phone numbers of probable members of the secret society was also retrieved from the house. 

Mwangangi was taken into custody to assist with further investigations into the murder of the priest who was found buried in a shallow grave in Machakos on Tuesday, October 15.

Father Michael was last seen driving on Tuesday, October 8 at Kaewa Location, Matungulu prompting fellow priests to report him missing to the police.

His was found buried in a shallow grave along the Mashamba River in Makima location, Mbeere South. Another suspect; 25-year-old Michael Muthini Mutunga who was accused of kidnapping the priest, killing him and burying his body at the said place, was placed in lawful custody.

Detectives drawn from the Special Crimes Unit stated that one of the suspects led the police to the scene on Tuesday. 

According to the police, 43-year-old Kyengo was kidnapped on October 7. The kidnappers slit his throat and cut his body before burying him

The suspected killers then stole Kyengo's vehicle and drove to Malindi where they withdrew part of the priest's money. 




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