Raila Mocks Ruto With Daunting Song [VIDEO]

  • Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party leader Raila Odinga on Saturday, October 25 took to the stage in a song that while taking a swipe at Deputy President William Ruto. 

    NTV reported that Raila who was at a funeral in Ganda Ward, Kilifi County, sang a rendition of the famous Swahili song Wape Wape by Malika.

    "Wana KANU ni wajinga na werevu hawana, ukiona wakilewa usidhani ni tajiri, hio ni mali ya uma wameiba toka kwenu. Wape wape hio pombe yao, wakilewa wakitapika ni shauri yao (KANU members are fools and they have no knowledge, if you see them drunk don't think they are rich, they are spending money that belongs to the public. Give them their alcohol, if they get drunk and puke on themselves it's their fault)," he sang.

    ODM leader Raila Odinga on October 26, 2019, attended the burial of Ngumbao Jola who was killed a day before Ganda Ward by-elections

    The ODM leader explained that he was referring to the YK92 (Youth for Kenya 92) group that was formed by KANU and gave money to the public.

    "We told people to take their money because it was public property that they had stolen from them. They (YK92) were also drunkards and addicts," Raila claimed.

    The YK92 was a group that was formed to fight the opposition in the first multi-party election in 1992.

    Deputy President William Ruto and Cyrus Jirongo were the movement's key leaders who drummed up support for the retired President Daniel Arap Moi.

    Raila had attended the burial of Ngumbao Jola who was killed a day before Ganda Ward by-elections that saw ODM MCA Reuben Katana take the seat.

    The campaigns were marred with violence when Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa stormed a home in which Katana and his agents were holding a meeting.

    A scuffle ensued and Ngumbao was shot dead.  Jumwa and her bodyguard were arrested on October 16, but later released by a Mombasa court on a Ksh 500,000 cash bail with police continuing with investigations into the matter.

    Below is the video courtesy of NTV