Governor Defies Call to Honour the Late Joyce Laboso

  • Newly sworn-in Bomet governor Hillary Barchok on Tuesday, November 12, addressed a letter to the County Assembly of Bobet presenting the name and credentials of assembly speaker, Shadrack Rotich for consideration as new deputy governor.

    Barchok ascended to the gubernatorial seat in August following the demise of Joyce Laboso in July 2019.

    On August 3, leaders from around the country graced Fort Ternan, Kisumu, for the send-off of the late governor.

    As a tribute to the fallen leader, a section of the leaders led by ODM leader Raila Odinga called upon the current Governor Barchok to honour Laboso by the appointing a woman deputy governor.

    Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru(left) with Murang'a women representative Sabina Chege during the burial of the late Dr Joyce Laboso on August 3. Waiguru called upon Hillary Barchok to a woman as deputy governor in the honour of Laboso.

    Kirinyaga governor, Anne Waiguru, joined by her Kitui counterpart, Charity Ngilu in emphasising the role of women in leadership, singling out the late Laboso as an example.

    “I know there are some balancing acts and political interests but we humbly request that you choose a woman as your deputy. Pick a woman as a deputy, one from Sotik and preferably choose from her family…look at the extended family of Laboso,” Waiguru stated, as quoted by Citizen.

    Ngilu joined in on the plea, further restating the role of women leaders in the country.

    “It is our duty as women leaders to bring different leadership just like the late Governor Joyce Laboso did. She brought leadership close to people, Kenyans need water, food, education, healthcare, among others which women leadership can deliver.” She argued.

    Bomet county assembly speaker Shadrack Rotich. He was nominated for the deputy governorship by Governor Barchok on Tuesday, November 12.

    However, the nomination by Barchok on November 12 was in complete contrast with what the leaders asked of the governor. A move that is sure to invite backlash from various spheres of the country.

    Moments after Barchok took an oath of office, a message from the Council of Governors delivered through Narok Governor Samuel Tunai was that he should be deputised by a woman for the remainder of his term.

    “It is the wish and request of the council that you pick a female deputy in honour of the late Governor Laboso, and also to support and push for gender parity in the country,” the message from the council stated.