Joho: 4 Multi-Million Companies He Owns

  • Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho lives in opulence, as seen from his expensive watches, foreign trips, and lavish houses.

    The politician, a close ally of ODM leader, Raila Odinga, also enjoys a high life in the political sphere after making a name for himself. However, Joho is also a successful businessman and owns among others, four multi-million companies.

    According to Mombasa County Government website, the governor has invested in a number of business ventures due to his entrepreneurial skills. Joho, however, stepped down from management of his firms but offers advice and consultation whenever needed. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta with Hassan Joho when the head of state visited Mombasa in September 2019

    As an investor, Joho founded and pioneered Prima Pest & Bins Limited. The company was the first garbage collection company in Mombasa.

    According to the companies website, its philosophy is to render the highest quality and value-added services, leading-edge technology and offering a wide range of services covering the general cleaning activities, garbage collection and pest control assignments. 

    Joho also owns M-Tech Kenya Limited. This is a communications company. 

    The governor's biggest asset is the East African Terminals Limited. This is a company that commands respect within the shipping and logistics industry in Kenya. 

    Besides minting money from his business ideas, Joho set up a non-profit organisation in 2008. The Hassan Joho Foundation is credited for numerous social projects in Mombasa County and the Coast region that have positively impacted on the lives of many people within the community.

    The Foundation is involved in various initiatives in education, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship, sports, orphanages and drug rehabilitation initiatives within the county as seen on the governor's Facebook page. 

    Activities over the last seven years include the construction and modernisation of primary and secondary schools with over Ksh100m donated

    Apart from providing water through the sinking of boreholes and also availing bursaries that educate over 1,000 students per annum, the organisation also provides support for community policing and drug rehabilitation programmes within Mombasa County.

    His Italian wife, Madina Hassan, manages the foundation. 

    Madina Hassan Joho. She keeps a low profile but is instrumental in the governor's political career. She also manages the Hassan Joho Foundation