Controversial Mt Kenya Musician Blasts Uhuru in New Hit Song

Controversial musician Muigai wa Njoroge, in his latest hit Tukunia, took a hit at President Uhuru Kenyatta over the development of his Mt Kenya backyard.

The song's title is Kikuyu for 'sacks' but in the song, he refers to informers whose heads were covered in sacks as they helped identify Mau Mau sympathisers. 

The musician called out President Kenyatta claiming that his followers' hunger could not allow them to listen to him.

"Dad, a hungry person has no ears to hear when you rant, the hunger that is in your home is unbearable. I'd rather tell you the truth, and because I have no idea what the sacks tell you, but things on the ground are totally different," Muigai sang in the chorus.

He went on to warn the president that those close to him did not have good intentions as they were supplying him information in limited proportions.

"Dad, take care of yourself as the people surrounding will never tell you the truth and are full of hypocrisy," he went on.

"They are just interested in massaging you with their lies and hypocrisy and ditch you once you give them what they want," the musician continued.

Muigai advised President Kenyatta to be aware that when his followers are angry or hungry, they cannot reproduce as the strength comes from the stomach.

"Dad I want you to know that the dogs are almost eating their owner because they have no otherwise," Muigai warned.

In the song, Muigai then turned his attention on agriculture, which is the backbone of the economy.

He criticised the president for letting the tea, coffee and milk sectors plummet to the lowest they have ever been, despite his predecessor Mwai Kibaki's efforts to revive them.

Muigai warned the head of state that dumping his deputy, William Ruto, was like aborting a seven-month pregnancy which was risky and might result in the death of the mother.

He claimed it would be easier to dump ODM leader Raila Odinga which he likened to a three-month pregnancy that was about to kill the mother.

The musician also informed the president that the cracks in the region might make him not have a home to go back to after retirement, advising him to take immediate action to quell the fire before things got out of hand.

Below is the video of the song (disclaimer the song is in Kikuyu but has subtitles)

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