Flamingos Return to Lake Nakuru After 2 Years [VIDEO]

  • Flamingoes pictured in Lake Nakuru.
    Flamingoes pictured in Lake Nakuru.
  • Flamingos have made a long-anticipated return to Lake Nakuru after a two-year absence, with their comeback expected to boost tourism in the county.

    The birds have been a trademark of Lake Nakuru for years, with tourists from around the globe pulled to the lake by the unmarched beauty created by the pink-feathered birds on the lake's shores.

    The Lake has seen the number of flamingoes dwindling over the years. Only a handful of the iconic bird have been spotted in the area since 2013, with most of them returning after laying eggs in other lakes.

    A file image of Lake Nakuru
    A file image of Lake Nakuru

    Caroline Mwedia, a Kenya Wildlife Service ranger explained the reason behind the great return.

    "We are happy that the flamingos are back, they had migrated to Lake Natron and Bogoria.

    "The major reason for their return is flamingos love feeding and after laying eggs in Lake Natron, they return to feed when the conditions are favourable such as the right amount of algae, crustaceans," she explained.

    The rising levels of water in the lake, however, pose a threat to the flamingos who prefer the shallow waters at the lake's shores.

    "They have taken time to return but since last week we have witnessed thousands return," noted Mwedia.

    Tourism in the country has been one of the most affected sectors of the economy by the Covid-19 pandemic, with most countries in the world closing their borders.

    The migration of Wildebeest in Maasai Mara coupled with the return of flamingos is set to boost tourism in the country.

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