Ex-KTN Anchors Yvonne Okwara, Allan Namu Reunite in New Project

  • An image of Yvonne Okwara and John Allan Namu
    John-Allan Namu (left), Mohamed Ali (centre), Yvonne Okwara (right) conversing at the KTN studios.
  • Former KTN news anchors Yvonne Okwara and John-Allan Namu have teamed up with K24 TV's Jeff Mote to come up with a new podcast.

    The podcast dubbed The Thread will premiere on Friday, September 4, and will also feature multiple award-winning Kenyan music producer Tim Rimbui alias Timwork.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Mote opened up on details of the podcast that is set to feature witty comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush on its first episode.

    An image of the threads artwork
    An artwork of 'The Threads' podcast.

    "The podcast will be about getting connections between events and personalities and things that seem unconnected but when you dig deeper there is actually a connection like a common thread running through all of that.

    "In the first episode we will touch on how this whole time of Covid-19 there is a thread of comedy and we will be talking to Njugush, we will scratch the surface and see how there is a connection between these things," he explained.

    The four will convene together twice a month to record the podcast that will be uploaded every first and third week of the month

    Mote who previously worked with Kiss 100 promised a show packed with comedy that will feature exciting guests on every episode.

    An image of Jeff Mote
    Jeff Mote hosting 'K24 This Morning'.

    The quartet came up with the idea after noticing a gap in news and promises to showcase a different side of Okwara, Allan and Mote from what we see on screen.

    "There is a lot of madness because you are not used to seeing Yvonne, John or me talking the way we will on the podcast.

    "There are many untold stories and at times because of the nature of media organisations, there are some things we do not have time to see the connection because of the main stories of the day," added Mote.

    Fans are able to access their content on every podcast platform including Stitch, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts with YouTube set to be rolled out in later episodes.

    Citizen TV News Anchor Yvonne Okwara during a past set.
    Citizen TV News Anchor Yvonne Okwara during a past set.

    Yvonne Okwara and John Allan Namu have previously worked together for Standard Media Group, anchoring KTN Weekend Prime.

    Okwara is currently at Citizen TV and is famous for her News Gang show, while Allan Namu co-founded Africa Uncensored which, an independent media house.

    A number of journalists have exploited the online space in the recent past with most taking to YouTube with a number of shows.

    Kenyan journalist John Allan Namu.
    Kenyan journalist John Allan Namu.