Citizen TV's Mashirima Kapombe Wins International Award

  • Anchor Mashirima Kapombe at Citizen TV studios before a broadcast
    Anchor Mashirima Kapombe at Citizen TV studios before a broadcast in 2019.
  • Citizen TV news anchor Mashirima Kapombe and reporter Doras Wangira on Thursday, October 15 won the Merck Foundation Media Recognition Awards 2020.

    The two claimed first place in the Multimedia Category, fending off strong opposition from Ugandan NBS TV anchor Daniel Sebakijje.

    Kapombe and Wangira walked away with Ksh.54,000 each after winning the award following their story on a spike of Gender-Based Violence during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    An image of Doras Wangira
    Citizen TV reporter Dorcas Wangira posing for a photo after winning the 2019 Michael Elliot Award for Excellence in African Storytelling.

    The former KTN journalist was delighted after bagging the award and took time to commend Wangira who played a part in both of them winning.

    "So honoured to win the first prize of the Merck And Mothers Foundation "Stay at Home" awards 2020, multimedia category jointly with Dorcas Wangira.

    "Truly a candle loses nothing by lighting another. Dorcas insisted I participate, and here we are. Thank you!" she noted.

    The story which aired on Friday, May 22 highlighted a mother in Korogocho slums, Nairobi who suffered Gender-Based Violence due to economic hardships of Covid-19.

    The violence was brought about after their 9-year-old son threw a cockerel into the air leading to its electrocution, a situation that led to his father being unhappy and resorted to violence.

    The 2020 theme of the awards was ‘Raising Awareness on how to Stay Safe and Keep Physically and Mentally Healthy during Coronavirus Lockdown’ with the aim of separating facts from myths and misconceptions.

    Wangira on her part also congratulated Kapombe on jointly winning the award and emphasized on resilience and hope during the pandemic.

    "So honoured to win the First Prize, Multimedia Category jointly with the inimitable Mashirima Kapombe.

    "Stories of resilience at the time of this pandemic have given us hope and lifted the people who trust us with their stories," she said.

    Other winners from the country in the awards included Standard Digital's Hillary Orinde who won first place in the Online Category with Geoffrey Kamadi from Scientific African coming third.

    People Daily's Evelyn Makena Gatobu claimed third place in the Print Category, taking home Ksh.22,000.

    An image of Mashirima Kapombe
    Citizen TV news anchor Mashirima Kapombe posing for a photo.