Homeless Car Expert Lands Multiple Job Offers

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    Edu, the homeless car expert (left) poses for a photo with a Nairobi dentist (centre) on Friday, October 30, 2020
  • A homeless car expert identified as Edu was offered two job offers after his plight went viral in a video shared on social media on Thursday, October 22. 

    Edu's story was shared by a netizen using the pseudonym Kalamzinga, a Nairobi based lawyer, who also turns out to be his representative to prospective employers. 

    The two met in Westlands in 2019 and Kalamzinga, later on, disclosed that Edu slept in the streets along Muthithi Road in Westlands, Nairobi. 

    "Our fingers are still crossed as we hope for more job offers. Right now we are following on two deals," Kalamzinga tweeted adding that a Nairobi shoe dealer gave the car expert a pair of new official shoes for work purposes. 

    A screengrab of the homeless man identified as Edu, based at Westlands, Nairobi

    Efforts to reach him to disclose the job offers that had offered employment to the Kenyan-Sudanese man were futile. The lawyer, nonetheless, stated that a law firm he was working in would ensure that his contracts protect him legally. 

    However, on Friday, October 30, Kenyans.co.ke managed to speak with a Nairobi dentist, Peter Kinyanjui, who performed a tooth implant on him. Edu had lamented that he lost his tooth in an accident while racing his Mitsubishi Evolution 4. 

    "He can smile better after I treated him. He is also proceeding well with life and he was taken off the streets," the dentist stated, adding that someone offered to pay rent for Edu in one of Nairobi's residential areas.

    Kalamzinga also aided him to track his relatives, adding that his sister broke down after seeing him. 

    In the video shared on Thursday, October 22, Edu narrated how his life plummeted after he sunk into drug abuse. However, he went to rehabs in Ngara and Mathare areas in Nairobi. 

    The homeless man requested a job instead of money, requesting companies in the automobile industry to give him a marketing job.

    "Before I was in the streets, I was a car dealer....Mitsubishi Evolution starts from 3 to 10 and it's the best car. I had Evolution 4 and I used to race with Indians on tracks, they know me. I sold it and bought a Nissan Skyline R33

    "If I land the Mitsubishi Evo series, I can put the HKS valve and enlarge turbo, I can push the engine to about 360 bhp (brake horsepower). Right now it is running to about 285 bhp. I can also put competition plugs and clutch plates to have a short ratio gear," Edu stated, stunning Kenyans with his car expertise. 

    Watch the homeless man speak on automobiles