Homeless Man Stuns Kenyans With Car Expertise [VIDEO]

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    A screengrab of the homeless man identified as Edu, based at Westlands, Nairobi
  • A homeless man living in the streets along Muthithi Road in Westlands, Nairobi, stunned Kenyans with his expert knowledge in automobiles.

    The man identified himself as Edu, a half Kenyan, half Sudanese who has lived in the streets for over three years and is currently striving to finish his rehabilitation course after he wallowed into drug abuse. 

    In videos shared on Twitter by a netizen using the pseudonym Kalamzinga on Thursday, October 22, Edu spoke fluent English and shared his knowledge on cars. 

    "Before I was in the streets, I was a car dealer. Mitsubishi Evolution starts from 3 to 10 and is the best car. I had Evolution 4 and I used to race with Indians on tracks, they know me. I sold it and bought a Nissan Skyline R33

    A stock image of Mitsubishi Evolution 4

    "If I land the Mitsubishi Evo series, I can put the HKS valve and enlarge turbo, I can push the engine to about 360 bhp (brake horsepower). Right now it is running to about 285 bhp. I can also put competition plugs and clutch plates to have a short ratio gear," Edu stated. 

    The homeless man requested for a job instead of money, urging companies in the automobile industry to enroll him for a marketing job. 

    Edu added that drugs had affected his well-being and success and he was keen on picking up again. He detailed that he was undertaking his medication at rehabs in Ngara and Mathare areas in Nairobi 

    Kalamzinga stated that he first met Edu in Westlands while driving from his offices in 2019. 

    "I used to avoid him and I have to admit that was not a good gesture.  He drew my attention one day when he saw my car and shouted 'Nice Evo Man!'. Covid-19 struck and we closed the office. I didn't see him for a couple of months. 

    "Then more recently we started talking for like a minute or two in traffic. Of course, he asks for money and I aid him. But I think he needs a more permanent solution. Hopefully, he will land one out of this thread I shared on Twitter," he stated. 

    His humour, knowledge and demeanour surprised a number of Kenyans who were quick to tag several celebrities who they thought could be of help to him. Erastus Macharia stated that Edu was a talent that cannot be wasted on the streets. 

    "Someone who has lost hope due to lack of opportunities. A common problem in our streets. You'll meet a graduate speaking good English and sounding learned but roaming around scratching mounds of trash looking for valuables to sell," Kaka Juma lamented. 

    "This guy is a salesman par excellence... I wish he bags a car dealership with his preferred division of cars due to his passion," one Alpha added.  

    Watch the homeless man speak on automobiles