Lulu Hassan's Moments That Endeared Her to Kenyans

  • Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan on August 23, 2020.
    Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan on August 23, 2020.
    Lulu Hassan
  • Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan has risen to stardom in the media industry through her exceptional command of Swahili, coupled with a quest for social justice has endeared her to Kenyans' hearts. 

    Known to be the brains behind the critically acclaimed Maria TV series alongside her husband Rashid, the presenter has shown off her skills on and off the studio. takes a look at fond moments from the presenter that broke the internet. 

    A photo of Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan at the station's studios.
    Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan at the station's studios.

    Running to Citizen TV Studios for the 7pm Bulletin

    Lulu Hassan and her counterpart Rashid Abdalla on October 19, 2019, sought to veer off the norm during their 7 pm news bulletin where they began their presentations in the streets and raced each other to Citizen TV studios.

    The two anchors matched each other in steps as they kicked in their Kipchoge hype, much to the amazement of many Kenyans.

    Catching her breath after the brief run, Lulu Hassan jokingly stated, "Tumekimbia kama Flash (we've run like the Flash)."

    Rashid Abdalla echoed Kipchoge's sentiments urging Kenyans to follow their dreams.

    "If you can believe in yourself and work hard, you can accomplish all you want in life," he stated.

    Exposé helps get Man released

    The news anchor was hailed for an exposé, aired in March 2019, which featured the story of a murder convict, Mboya Ndindi, who was handed a life sentence following the killing of his father. 

    The story surprisingly took a life on its own, when the feature went viral as the convict made a plea to have his sentence reduced/ scrapped. The judge heard his plea, ruling that the 18-year prison sentence he had served was enough and hence he was set free.

    Overcome with so much emotions, Ndindi stated that he had not lost hope that one day he would be set free. The feature, also facilitated reconciliation between Ndindi and his family.

    Her Lighting up the Dance Floor during Sam Githuku's Wedding

    Dance and joyous moments was the order of the day during Citizen TV anchor Sam Gituku's wedding in May 2019. 

    A video of the journalists, who graced the occasion, dancing to the beat went viral. Lulu Hassan led the frontier as they took to the beat, downing their usual serious personas to adopt a more casual and heartwarming vibe. 

    Lulu, donning a black dress was her cheerful self as she showed off her dance moves while approaching the bridal team's circle. 

    Lulu Corners Husband on Live TV

    The power couple shared a light moment during Bi Mswafiri's segment on Sunday, October 10 when Lulu cornered her husband into answering what he would do if he found out that he was not the biological father to their children.

    Rashid, who was stunned at first, had a moment of silence as he contemplated the scenario.

    "Atamaliza sentensi?, Sidhani atamaliza sentensi, (Would she even get through the sentence, I don't think she would make it through the sentence)", leaving Lulu in stitches.

    The couple, known for sharing light moments on camera, was exchanging opinions on relationship issues affecting marriages. Lulu pointed out that trust and respect are the key pillars in any marriage institution. 

    Citizen TV News Anchors Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla.
    Citizen TV News Anchors Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla.

    Lulu Surprising Citizen TV's Maria

    Actress Yasmin Said (Maria) was caught off guard when Lulu Hassan, along with her director, organised a surprise birthday party.

    The lead actress, who turned 20, was celebrated by her crew while they were on set shooting the popular TV series. 

    "What does one say to someone with such resilience, such power, the discipline you display makes me wonder, what if we had more and more of you around us?

    "You are destined for great heights and I will be here to hold you, to walk with you. I am here if you ever need me. On this day as you turn a day older, do not forget what you are; a flower. May your blossom always be as bright," Lulu Hassan stated on Monday, October 5. 

    Yasmin, who sobbed uncontrollably, thanked her crew and colleagues owing her success to them.

    "I want to thank you all. I have never been surprised like today in my entire life. This is so amazing," she stated.

    Lulu Hassan Speaking Fluent Kikuyu

    The presenter shocked many by displaying her fluency in Kikuyu. Lulu appeared at Royal Media-owned Inooro TV where she conversed with fellow anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri.

    The duo female anchors struck a conversation on how they spent their Valentine's Day in 2019. Muthoni, who tried to put Lulu to the test began the conversation in Kikuyu.

    "Uhuro waku (How are you)?" Muthoni started. 

    "Ti muru (I'm fine)," Lulu responded. 

    "Valentine yaku irahanaga atia (How was your Valentine's day)," Muthoni continued. 

    "Irari njega (it was very nice)," the conversation went on. 

    Finally, Muthoni put it Lulu to narrate more details on how she spent the day. 

    "Uratidire ugika atia (What activities did you do)?" she posed.

    Lulu, in turn, answered, "Kurugira muthuri (Cooking for my husband)."

    They both laughed after Muthoni suggested that Lulu prepared cabbages and potatoes immersed in lots of soup for her better half.
    Lulu, still speaking in Kikuyu, clarified that she cooked delicious pilau for her husband Abdalla.

    Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla share a light moment. December 14, 2019.
    Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla share a light moment. December 14, 2019.