Motorists Cautioned Over Unusual Convoy of Trucks

  • Trucks transporting Wide Loads on the road.
    Trucks transporting Wide Loads on the road.
  • Motorists have been cautioned over an unusual convoy of trucks that will be plying over a section of Kenyan roads.

    In a public notice on Monday, January 4, the company behind the convoy, Sifa Investments, warned drivers to take special care when overtaking the trucks that have extra-wide loads.

    A representative of the company confirmed to that the exercise would kick off in Mombasa on January 5, 2021, from 6 a.m.

    "All road users using this road are requested to exercise extra care and caution when in the vicinity of this convoy," the notice read in part.

    A convoy of trucks with Wide Loads
    A convoy of trucks with Wide Loads

    The trucks are expected to follow the Mombasa- Mtwapa- Mariakani- Samburu- Mtito- Nairobi- Gilgil- Eldoret and Malaba rout.

    The convoy operates with escort vehicles and motorists should exercise caution when overtaking them on the roads.

    The trucks may be inclined to use the climbing lanes on roads where such a lane is available on a slope.

    Drivers are often advised to slow down, move over if necessary, respond to gestures by the driver of an escort vehicle and give way to the oversize vehicle whenever they see a pilot or escort vehicle approaching with its warning lights flashing.

    Drivers following an oversize vehicle are advised to wait until the rear pilot vehicle operator signals them to overtake.

    Pass both pilot or escort vehicles and the oversize vehicle in one manoeuvre within the speed limit.

    Many drivers grow impatient when their journey is slowed by oversize loads and/or when there are few passing opportunities. Stay safe by not taking unnecessary risks.

    An oversize load may well require both lanes on roundabouts, and so drivers are advised to leave plenty of room for the truck to maneuver.

    Trucks with wide load on the road.
    Trucks with a wide load on the road.