Lost KCPE/KCSE Certificate? How to Use KNEC's Little-Known Portal

KCSE and KCPE certificates
KCSE and KCPE certificates

Losing your academic certificates (KCPE and KCSE) can be a huge hindrance to securing employment in Kenya.

The process of replacing can also be a tedious one especially if you do not know how to go about it.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has simplified the process of acquiring the document through a portal to allow for online applications of the same.

Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) house along Dennis Pritt Road in Nairobi
Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) house along Dennis Pritt Road in Nairobi.

The Query Management Information System (QMIS)

Nestled in the KNEC website is the Query Management Information System (QMIS) which is an electronic platform for online submission and processing of queries relating to examination results such as Certification of Examination Results for candidates who have lost their certificates, Confirmation of Examination Results, and Equation of Foreign Qualifications.

Other queries handled by the system include:-

Biodata amendments (name, photo, gender, year of birth, birth certificate number, citizenship, entry code.

Direct Recoveries for KCPE/KCSE result slips, certificates, and result printout.

Results (marks) queries i.e. absenteeism, missing marks and payment queries.

Below is a detailed schedule of the QMIS process:

A client needs a computer/mobile phone with internet access.

Use the web address  to access the QMIS system;

How to Register for the QMIS System

If you are new, the user is then prompted to register.

Click on the register button.

Fill in the above details as required, and click the register button.

Your log-in credentials will be sent to your email.

How to register on the QMIS system
How to register on the QMIS system

How to Log in to the QMIS System

Click on the link “click here to log in” 

Enter the email credentials and click on log in button.

If forgotten your password, click “forgot password”

A new password is sent to your email.

How to log in the QMIS system
How to log in the QMIS system

Enter the email credentials and click on log in.

How to replace your lost KCPE/KCSE certificate 

1. You can access the User Manual to navigate to the portal.

2. Documents you should have

  • Copy of the certificate [s] or result slips[s]. 
  • Sworn legal affidavit on the identity of the applicant
  • Letter of recommendation from employer to KNEC
  • Police Abstract
  • Copy of Identification Card [ID]/Passport or Birth Certificate 

3. The User can at this point identify the requirements relevant to his query and upload scanned copies of the requisite documents.

4. They then make a payment of the amount as prompted by the system.

5. Payments are by M-Pesa;

6. Upon successful processing of the query, KNEC, using the Client’s provided email or phone number, notifies them to collect their processed document(s).

7. A client is at the point of collection required to avail original copies of the documents they had attached during the application process.

8.You can use the Query Management Information System (QMIS) to check the processing status of your certificate.

The QMIS query segment
The QMIS query segment

Your username and password are confidential. Do not disclose these to a third party.  You must key in a valid email address and/or mobile phone number to receive feedback.

Customers should use the credible address of QMIS via while seeking KNEC online services to avoid falling victim to cyber fraudsters purporting to offer KNEC services.

In case of query you can contact:

Email: info@knec.ac.ke

Phone Number: 0720741001/ 0732333860