Nairobi Matatu Operators Hatch Plot to Fight NMS

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    NMS Director-General Mohamed Badi addresses the media in 2020
  • Matatu operators have hatched a plan aimed at fighting Nairobi Metropolitan Services' (NMS) plan to decongest Nairobi CBD.

    While speaking to the press on Monday, March 1, members of the National Matatu Association vowed to resist moving to the newly built termini around Nairobi.

    Through their chairman John Muthonga, the association issued a seven-day ultimatum to NMS led by Major General Mohammed Badi seeking a roundtable discussion of the transport changes.

    They claimed that the service had not consulted them before making a decision to relocate all matatus to the termini.

    Matatus parked along Accra road.
    Matatus parked along Accra road.

    "There is no way you will come up with a plan and fail to engage us. We have been in this city for more than seven decades. We have the solutions they are looking for," stated the chairman.

    NMS had announced that it was planning to make the changes in early March after making breakthroughs with the construction of several termini in the city. 

    Badi had on multiple occasions postponed the plan to relocate PSVs as he was racing against time to complete the termini and also convince matatu operators and boda boda riders to comply. 

    Construction at the Green Park terminus, which is located at the Railways Club, has already been completed.

    NMS unveiled a dispensary at the terminus along Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi. The agency equipped it with additional medical equipment and beds which would be used for emergency cases at the terminus. 

    The terminus is expected to serve matatus plying Ngong Road and Lang'ata Road.

    Other termini include Fig Tree Terminus at Ngara, Bunyala and Workshop Road, Muthurwa Terminus and a proposed terminus at Globe Cinema Roundabout. 

    NMS plans to offer its alternative buses, or use taxis and boda bodas to ferry customers within CBD. 

    An image of a bus terminus
    The Green Park terminus under construction at the Railways club along Haile Selassie Avenue.