Watch Citizen TV's Mukami Wambora and Olympic Team Dancing [VIDEO]

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    Citizen TV anchor Mukami Wambora at Royal Media Services studios
  • Citizen TV anchor and sports reporter Mukami Wambora showcased her break dancing skills at Uhuru Park on Thursday, April 29. 

    Mukami was interviewing a group of breakdancers that were celebrating the International Dance Day commemorated on April 29. The team was also celebrating the announcement that breakdance has been confirmed as an Olympic Sport for the Paris, France 2024 games. 

    The sports anchor performed some top moves, moving left and right and shifting hands with some footwork involved. 

    The B boys (break dance boys) and B girls (breakdance girls) had met at Uhuru Park to also hone their skills. 

    Breakdancers training at Uhuru Park on Friday, April 29, 2021

    "The idea of making a movement from Hip Hop was to teach one philosophy. What I did was that I experimented with what I saw on TV. The more I shared with more people, the more I realised that we could take it a notch higher," Joe Karago, a dancer said.

    The team uses dance not only as an entertainment form but a stress reliever for them and their audience. 

    "New styles have emerged and not many can adopt such techniques," Joseph Njoroge added. 

    Breakdancing can be traced back to the 1970s with historians noting that it was invented by African Americans and Puerto Rican youths. 

    The judges are set to ward marks on how the movements are performed. This includes the top rock, the dance moves showcased while standing

    Transitions include how a dancer moves from the top rock to the down rock ) foot works) to power moves. Power moves include the spins and the freezes. The dance moves also include flips, back and front somersaults. 

    "In 2020, we had a lot of online global platforms and we, Kenyans, made it to all the finals," Karago lauded the team. 

    The team urged the government to support them by offering aids, uniforms and a hall where they can perform from. Most of the time, they train and entertain fans at Uhuru Park or Nairobi streets. 

    "Let parents allow their children to come and dance. Imagine they can win a gold medal like athlete Eliud Kipchoge," Karago also known as B boy K urged. 

    Watch Mukami and the B dancers