Officer Flees After Residents Storm Police Station

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    Police officers on duty at a police station in Kenya
  • Over 200 residents, on Saturday, June 12, stormed Bikeke Police Station in Kiminini, Trans Nzoia County and roughed up an officer

    The mob raided the officer's house at the servant quarters and threatened to assault him for allegedly living with a schoolgirl. 

    A chase later ensued as the policeman fled and sought refuge at the police station offices. 

    “We found him with the girl in the house and he told us that she was over 18 years old. We want to know the truth,” the residents demanded. 

    Entrance to a Kenya police station.
    Entrance to a Kenya police station.

    The residents, later on, congregated outside the station where they pressured the officers on duty to release the policeman. 

    It was further reported that they also threatened to burn down the police station.  

    The girl's mother reportedly surfaced with documents to prove to the mob that the Form 3 girl was over 18 years in a bid to reduce the escalating tension. 

    However, she was accused of liaising with the officer and accepting a bribe to persuade the villagers. 

    The horde argued that she had forged the papers and lamenting that she had failed in parenthood. 

    Police were forced to intervene and ask the group to retreat. No injuries nor further altercations were reported. 

    An officer who spoke to the media stated that they will launch an investigation into the case with the Child Protection Unit taking a lead on the case. 

    Kiminini residents stormed into a police station in Kiminini, Trans Nzoia County on Saturday, June 12, 2021
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