Notorious Nairobi CBD Conmen Robbed by Angry Crowd [VIDEO]

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    Police officers at Archives, Nairobi after Nairobians clashed with suspected scammers on Monday, June 21, 2021
  • Nairobians, on Monday morning, June 21, raided a suspected scammers' vehicle parked at the Kenya National Archives. 

    In a video seen by, the residents pelted stones at the grey Toyota Noah as the suspects scampered for safety. 

    They also broke down the vehicle's windowpanes and stole the valuables in it. 

    Agitated citizens could be heard lamenting that they had fallen prey to the cons for years. 

    Nairobians scrumble for suspected scammer's valuables at Archives, Nairobi on Monday, June 21, 2021

    The police were further blamed for failing to arrest suspects and to follow up on reported cases. 

    Police rushed to the scene minutes after chaos ensued as the citizens fled with gadgets and other equipment belonging to the scammers. 

    Some of the con games played by the scammers include scratch to win, purchasing multiple gadgets at cheap prices (some of which are counterfeit) and gambling games where victims are asked to identify shuffled cards containing money beneath. 

    At times, the suspects use free merchandise to lure unsuspecting Nairobians before defrauding them. 

    The scammers usually park their cars in target areas (mostly busy streets and matatu terminals) where they can lure people either heading to or returning from work, roaming in the streets or waiting to board PSVs. 

    They operate in crowds with some individuals posing as sales agents, others as security guards in case a victim demands a refund or threatens to assault the scammers. 

    Those who are attracted to watch the con games also lose their property in the melee as some crowd members are alleged pickpockets and muggers. 

    The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has cracked down on a number of syndicates in CBD, arresting some cons. The detectives have also asked Nairobians to visit their headquarters to identify their belongings and report such cases. 

    However, intrigues behind the syndicates allege that some cons enjoy police protection as most always walk scot-free, finding their way back to the streets to con unsuspicious citizens.

    Watch the video:  

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