EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Kangogo's Full Suicide Message Leaked

  • The late police officer Caroline Kangogo. She was found dead at her parent's bathroom on Friday morning, July 16.
    The late police officer Caroline Kangogo. She was found dead at her parent's bathroom on Friday morning, July 16
  • Fugitive police, Caroline Kangogo's body was found in her parent's bathroom on Friday, July 16. Police alleged that she died by suicide

    However, experts alleged that the crime scene may have been fabricated and analysed that Kangogo may have been murdered. 

    The wanted police officer left a suicide note with instructions to her parents and brother. She also narrated how her marriage allegedly failed, how she was reportedly sexually harassed by a senior police officer and how she wished to be interred.  

    Read the full suicide note. 

    Police fetch Caroline Kangogo's body from her parents' home in Anin, Elgeyo Marakwet County

    Hi bro, please take good care of my kids. Their father is allegedly too much into women because every visit to Mombasa they could vow we go together because daddy's friends reportedly harass them by calling them names i.e his lovers. 

    To my people, it's my wedding day - dress me in a white gown that my husband could not afford. 

    To my parents, I am requesting my body to be cremated to end your suffering. Remember to take good care of my children. For the things in Kasarani, hire movers for safe delivery here. 

    Nothing belongs to my husband for I started from scratch after he allegedly left us. 

    For you my love JOHN OGWENO, our love was made in Heaven that's why since Monday, a day after the incident, you always embrace me with love and forgiveness and tell me it is well with your soul despite living in separate worlds. May our kids live in peace, love, forgiveness, success and being God-fearing. REST WELL AND SEE YOU SOON.

    To my beloved parents, siblings, children, colleagues, extended family in Ogweno's family - the officer she allegedly killed in Nakuru County - sorry for letting you down. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I really feel for your wife and kids. Sorry mama I didn't mean to. 

    For Peter Njiru Ndigwa, I don’t owe anyone an apology. He allegedly conned me Ksh1.5 million whereby Ksh300,000 I borrowed from my father’s retirement benefits...then he arrogantly tells me he isn't paying and I even found him with a new Probox. Confirm with Corporal ***, she has the cheques issued by Ndigwa. I served him right. 

    Depression is real, please assist those you know. My divorce pushed me to be inhuman. My father disowned me due to a failed marriage. My husband was allegedly first in calling my father and my brother to cover up his mistakes and they all fell into his trap. 

    Since I met you, my husband, I have never known peace due to your mistreatments. Always allegedly chasing after women tortured me physically, mentally and the likes of Peter Ndigwa. Since everything happened please take good care of our kids and don’t neglect them - as your first wife. Please don’t take advantage of love...current divorce 

    From Tuesday, I was in Mombasa and always saw you being picked and dropped. I wanted to kill you but I sympathised with my kids. I forgave you. I hope you do the same. 

    Detectives conduct forensics and ballistic analysis at Caroline Kangogo's parents home in Anin, Elgeyo Maralwet County

    The status quo remains in force. My husband allegedly dumped me for another woman so it means my parents will bury my body, my two plots kindly as written in divorce contact - RK.  

    For my divorce, contact RK agencies for the second title because one title is in my house in Kasarani.

    To Kenya Police, I went through stress as the Senior Police Officer allegedly put me through hell when I resisted sex. He couldn't understand my son's asthmatic condition and my ulcers and admissions in the hospital. I hope you are now happy.

    With the little money, you get please pay brother chumbas full fees and rent because I was his hope so as to assist his parents and siblings. Kindly adhere to my instructions.

    I am Caroline Chemutai, the killer cop, thanks. All the best. 

    Also, let father manage everything because I trust and love him. I LOVE YOU ALL AND GOODBYE TILL WE MEET AGAIN. 

    Kenyans.co.ke reached out to her father, former police officer, Barnaba Kibor, but he declined to comment on his daughter's suicide. 

    "I have nothing to say at this moment," a distraught Kibor stated after allowing Kenyans.co.ke to wish his family strength and fortitude to bear the loss of their daughter. 

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