Ex GSU Officer Joins 2022 Presidential Race

  • Bishop Zablon Karanja Mbugua
    Ex-General Service Officer (GSU) Bishop Zablon Karanja Mbugua in Kiambu county.
  • Ex-General Service (GSU) officer Zablon Karanja Mbugua has declared his intention to run for the top seat in the upcoming 2022 General Election.

    Mbugua, who currently heads the Biblical Pentecostal Apostolic Church, stated that he wanted the top seat in order to transform the country through his policies.

    He served in the investigation department of the General Service Unit(GSU)  from 1986 for a period of four years.

    A GSU Recce squad officer

    The paramilitary officer-turned-Bishop stated that the country was facing a defining moment economically and it was time for a change.

    He noted that his government would transform the economy through proper utilization of the country’s resources. 

    “We are at a defining moment when we are at war against the economic downtrend and broken aspirations. My government, once elected, will work for a new dawn with clearly spelt out policies.

    “We will ensure equal opportunity not just for those with money and influence but for every Kenyan,” he stated.  

    The Bishop also stated that his administration would work towards achieving peace in the country through poverty eradication and community empowerment. 

    “Our administration shall address peace in adversity, among all Kenyans. We can define peace as poverty eradication and community empowerment,” Mbugua stated.

    He added that if elected the president, he would reduce taxation and the price of electricity so as to spur industrialization in the country. He stated that his government would invest in greener energy such as wind and solar power.

    Mbugua further noted that the country had faced so many challenges at the hands of politicians and that it was time to change the crop of leaders that were elected. He stated that the country will achieve this change once he is elected.

    In addition to the things that he said he would abolish illicit brews and do away with thieves in the country.

    Mbugua joins musician Reuben Kigame among other Kenyans who have registered their interest for the top seat in the upcoming General election.

    Renowned gospel musician Reuben Kigame
    Renowned gospel musician Reuben Kigame