Where are They Now? Famous Radio Stars Who Ruled Airwaves

Photo collage between Kalekye Mumo, Shaffie Weru and Caroline Mutoko
Photo collage between Kalekye Mumo, Shaffie Weru, and Caroline Mutoko

Different radio stations in Kenya have been graced by personalities who have left a mark with their daily insightful doses of entertainment, information, and even education.

With over 100 stations in the country, the medium has continued to thrive offering a platform to many famous presenters who ruled the airwaves with their proficiency in their craft, putting them ahead of the pack.

However, despite gaining fame and keeping their listeners yearning for more, some of the famous voices have gone silent leaving most Kenyans wondering what they are up to.

Kenyans.co.ke takes a look at some of the famous radio stars who ruled the airwaves and went amiss.

Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko addresses guests on her show on February 4, 2020.
Caroline Mutoko addresses guests on her show on February 4, 2020.

Caroline Mutoko's voice reverberated across the nation and beyond for over the 10 years when she was at Kiss 100 FM  hosting The Big Breakfast show.

Mutoko kept a loyal fan base with her ever-fresh persona and a go-getter champion whose mantra was to do it and do it perfectly well. She became famous for hosting popular discussions and approaching everyday issues that even rubbed the elite and political leaders the wrong way.

She even kept her listeners entertained with the selection of music, making almost all households and matatus listen to The Morning Breakfast show.

However, in 2015 Mutoko decided to call it a day, ending her on-air stellar career and taking up management roles at Radio Africa's station.

Seven years down the line, Mutoko sometimes engages in online advertising and marketing of certain brands. She also enjoys huge following on social media, with nearly 700,000 followers on Twitter, over 1.2 million on Facebook and on 338 on Instagram

Other than running online influencing, the outspoken radio presenter also hosts and moderates different corporate events in the country.

Kalekye Mumo

Ex-K24 journalist Kalekye Mumo poses for a photo in an Instagram post in April 2020
Ex-K24 journalist Kalekye Mumo poses for a photo in an Instagram post in April 2020

Kalekye Mumo took over the morning show from Mutoko at KISS 100. During her tenure, she enjoyed a massive listenership across the country.

But same as Mutoko, after almost 10 years at the station, Kalekye announced her departure in 2017. In her first interview, she explained that she wanted to try out TV and other ventures.

"I'm looking at life from a whole different perspective. Besides radio, I want to go into TV, I want a house on the hill, a husband, a child, and a studio to make music,” she stated.

Right now Mumo is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kalekye Mumo, a public relations firm that offers solutions to different companies in the country.

According to her social media pages, she is also a strategic communications marketer, media trainer, and a life coach.

She also pursuing other side hustles including being voice over artist for some brands and influencing for some top brands in the country.

Mumo also hosts an online radio show on her social media page addressing different issues affecting the country, especially women.

KM Kay Wear is also her fashion brand that offers classy looks for plus size women and it is curated by local designers.

Andrew Kibe

File image of former KISS FM presenter Andrew Kibe
File image of former KISS FM presenter Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe built his name in radio with his controversial pieces of advice. His great voice and the ever changing persona made KISS 100 to poach him together with Kamene Goro from NRG radio.

His time at the Radio Africa-owned radio station was surreal as GeoPoll, even revealed that his morning show had gained audiences through the three months with 716,000 listeners in May 2020.

But on June 30, 2020, Kibe called it quits stating that he was going to venture into online hosting where there is little censorship.

"I gave my notice three months ago because I was being censored on the content I could put out on national radio," he stated.

He added, "On social media, I can put out whatever I want without limitations, things I couldn't say on the radio," he noted stating that digital was the next frontier in content creation."

Kibe moved to the United States where he has fully focused on content creation.

Shaffie Weru

Media personality Shaffie Weru in studio
Media personality Shaffie Weru in studio

Shaffie Weru commanded a fanatical fanbase on radio. His voice and choice of content he presented to listeners made him stand out from his time at KISS 100 to even Homeboyz radio.

On March 28, 2021, Shaffie's services were terminated by Homeboyz radio over gender insensitive remarks. He went home together with Neville Muasya and Joseph Munoru aka DJ Joe Mfalme.

"Homeboyz Radio and its parent company, Radio Africa has terminated the services of Shaffie Weru, Joseph Munoru and Neville Muasya,” read part of the statement.

Their sacking came after a public outcry over their content on live radio. Despite having amassed over 15 years in the industry, Shaffie's career came to an abrupt end.

He had a short stint at Switch TV before the station decided to cease its broadcasting going fully into a digital media house.

The entertainer then decided to venture into events management and hosting of different renowned popular figures in the country.

“Roya Entertainment is an entertainment company that concentrates on other things other than concerts, gigs, and matters entertainment. We do more of sports entertainment also," Shaffie stated in a past interview.

Currently, Shaffie hosts different engagements forums on social platforms engaging his huge fan base on various issues.

Adelle Onyango

Media personality Adelle Onyango speaking during a past event.
Media personality Adelle Onyango speaking during a past event.

Adelle Onyango was also among the celebrated journalists who ruled and gained fame in radio. She became a household name because of her flow, grit and perfect articulation of issues, especially during the morning show at KISS 100.

However, on February 19, 2019, she also parted ways with the station with sources at the Waiyaki Way-based company indicating that she was headed to the NGO world.

The celebrated presenter later launched her initiative dubbed Unapologetically African with the aim of giving opportunities to the youth and women in Kenya.

Adelle also launched a podcast channel, legally clueless, which has recorded significant achievements all over the world.

On October 8, 2021, her speech went viral confronting French President Emmanuel Macron during a panel discussion held in Montpellier, France.

"What we end up with is skepticism of what exactly does France stand for," she said to fierce applause at the meeting of around 3,000 Africans invited to the meeting.