Arimis Among Top Brands Loved By Women 

  • Arimis milking jelly on shelves in a supermarket.
    Arimis milking jelly on shelves in a supermarket.
  • A survey has revealed brands that Women in Kenya value and love most.

    Among the top 30 brands named, Kenyan women indicated that they valued milking jelly brand Arimis and second-hand clothes popularly known as mtumba.

    Other most loved brands include Safaricom, M - Pesa, Equity Bank, Always, Naivas, Menengai - Home cleaning products - Bar soap, Arimis - Body care products - Petroleum jelly, Airtel, Ariel - Home cleaning products - Detergent, Coca - Cola.

    A file image of a M-PESA shop
    A file image of an M-PESA shop

    The sampled women also like ; Vaseline, KCB Bank, Sawa, Dettol, Omo, Sunny Girl, Ketepa, NHIF, DStv, StarTimes, Second - hand clothing, Menengai, GOtv, and Nice & Lovely.

    Kenyan women also named Amara, Geisha, Toyo bar soap, Lido cleaning products, Mulei's Supermarket, Nivea, Samsung, Co-Operative Bank, Fanta, Sunlight, Jamaa, LG and Toyo bathing soap among brands they loved.

    During the forum hosted by Victoria Rubadiri, a TV journalist on Tuesday, March 22, it was further revealed that 80 per cent of household purchases are done by women. 

    The surveyors also noted that the study "speaks directly to the economic empowerment of women from a purchasing ability point of view and the need for corporates to engage and give opportunities in the development of products and services."

    Ipsos in a survey last year stated that women play a key role in decision-making at a household level. The survey revealed that 69 per cent of women play a vital role in the purchase of products or services used at home. 

    Further, the survey indicated that in Kenya, the percentage of female-headed households is larger compared to neighbouring countries.

    "Close to 40 per cent of households are female-headed. Meanwhile, 58 per cent are working whilst 11 per cent are currently unemployed and looking for work," Ipsos stated.

    Victoria Rubadiri.
    Victoria Rubadiri.

    The top 100 loved brands by women in Kenya is a national study by Ipsos that represents 13 million women in Kenya aged 18 years and above.