Inside Emboo River Lodge: Five - Star Luxury With Full Electric Safari Vehicles

Emboo River Lodge
A photo collage of Emboo River Lodge (left) and an electric Emboo River safari vehicle on a game drive (right).
Emboo River Lodge/Sasha Juliard/Steve Woods Photography

Emboo River Lodge has gained prominence, especially with the conclusion of the Inaugural Africa Climate Summit, where climate change and green initiatives have taken center stage. This unique lodge champions the green movement with a strong focus on sustainability.

Nestled in the heart of the Maasai Mara, Emboo River offers an unforgettable eco-friendly and sustainable experience. However, this luxury comes at a premium, with the lodge charging Ksh 520,000 for a two-night stay for two adults. Additional guests, such as children, incur an extra fee, with a couple vacationing with a child paying Ksh 130,000 for the young one.

Located along the picturesque Emboo River, this eco-friendly haven boasts an entirely green ecosystem. The lodge's commitment to sustainability is evident in various aspects of its operations.

For instance, It has a fleet of four fully electric safari vehicles that amplify the game drive experience for guests. The vehicles are solar powered by the several solar panels that power the entire camp. They are also silent, have no exhaust fumes and do not disturb wildlife.

Emboo River Lodge
Emboo River lodge's River Suite 'Firefly' at night.
Emboo River Lodge/Brian Siambi

Additionally, Emboo River provides farm-to-fork meals sourced from an organic hydroponic garden. The preparation of these meals is done using biogas generated from the lodge's organic waste, exemplifying a commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

Guests at Emboo River Lodge can enjoy luxurious rain showers that provide stunning views of the natural surroundings, with the water heated by solar energy. Moreover, the lodge takes pride in recycling all wastewater through lagoons featuring indigenous wetland plants.

The Lodge's menu is a testament to its eco-conscious approach. The focus primarily rests on vegetable-based dishes while limiting the use of animal-based ingredients. This is because the production of meat is paired with high use of water, deforestation and the emission of methane gas.

Nonetheless, beyond its eco-friendly initiatives, the lodge offers a diverse array of activities for guests. These include cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists, tasty meals enjoyed against the backdrop of a savannah sunset, captivating campfire stories, Maasai Warrior training sessions, and guided nature walks.

Moreover, it does not leave out children with a variety of engaging activities for your little ones, ranging from arts and crafts to Maasai Warrior training sessions. 

Parents seeking some alone time can also opt for nanny services present at the establishment.

To sweeten the pot, Emboo River has a chemical-free swimming pool, a relaxing spa, and a well-equipped gym, all set against the breathtaking savannah panorama.

While the Emboo River Lodge undoubtedly offers a luxury experience that aligns with eco-conscious values, it remains a destination for those willing to invest in a sustainable and unforgettable stay in the heart of the Maasai Mara.

Emboo River Lodge
A photo showing the inside of one of Emboo River Lodge's guest suites.
Emboo River Lodge/Steve Woods Photography
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