Suspected Phone Snatchers Lynched on Ngong Road

A photo of a traffic officer controlling traffic along Ngong Road, Nairobi
A photo of a traffic officer controlling traffic along Ngong Road, Nairobi

Two young men were burnt to death along Ngong Road on Friday morning after they were reportedly caught stealing mobile phones from unsuspecting citizens.

Reports alleged that the duo further attempted to use a motorbike as a gateway automobile. 

Eyewitnesses claimed that boda boda operators around the Prestige Plaza engaged the suspects in a high-speed chase and cornered them at a distance before descending on them. 

A video that was shared widely showed the riders taking matters into their own hands, lynching the suspects in the process. The two were accused of being part of a gang suspected to have terrorised the area in the recent past.

A section of Ngong Road
A section of Ngong Road

Commenting about the incident, former Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko, on his Twitter page, sparked uproar after encouraging the riders to attack suspects. 

According to Sonko, the thieves riding on motorbikes tarnished the reputation of boda riders who struggled to make ends meet in the city. 

His statements were contrary to the law, which encourages the public to report robbery incidents at the nearest police stations. 

The law also protects suspects by declaring that they are innocent until proven guilty and can only be charged in a court of law. 

It was yet to be clear whether Sonko would be charged with incitement and making remarks bordering on hate speech and violence. 

Insecurity cases along the road and in Nairobi have increased, forcing police to issue an alert.

On November 4, police from the Kilimani area rescued two suspects who had snatched a phone from a woman before fleeing on a motorbike. 

Boda riders cornered the duo near a petrol station and threatened to end their lives before police intervened. 

However, 20 days later, on November 24, two phone snatchers were lynched in Pangani Shopping Centre along Thika Road after they were caught red-handed. 

Entrance to Pangani Police Station
Entrance to Pangani Police Station.
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