Kenya Lists 14 Local Job Placements Against Saudi Arabia's 176,000

A collage of migrant workers in Nairobi Kenya on February 3, 2024, and a passenger plane in the sky.
Ministry of Labour/ United Aircraft Corporation

The Ministry of Labour has continued to maintain an active job portal, the National Employment Authority Integrated Management System (NEAMIS) where Kenyans can seek jobs locally or abroad. 

A spot check by revealed that while there were thousands of jobs abroad, only 14 jobs were listed for Kenyans seeking to work locally.

This occurred amidst 176,600 job openings listed for Saudi Arabia, along with thousands of other vacancies available in Gulf Countries.

President William Ruto’s administration has been actively exploring the exportation of human capital to the West and Middle East as a strategy to address joblessness.

Ruto and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz
President William Ruto (left) and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (right) during his State's visit to Europe on March 29, 2023.

In NEAMIS, other countries that have high openings for Kenya include Lithuania (1,375), Qatar (1,303) and Turkey (1,025). 

Despite former Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua establishing a foundation for Kenyans to have access to trade and jobs in Canada, only 347 positions were listed. 

Polish President Andrzej Duda on February 12, visited Kenya and the benefits of his visit can already be seen with 520 job openings for Kenyans who would want to work in Poland. 

Other foreign countries offering jobs for Kenyans include; the Czech Republic (280), Germany (170), Hungary (165), Slovakia (150) United Arab Emirates (100), Great Britain (50) and Serbia (50). 

While President William Ruto’s administration had promised skilled and semi-skilled jobs for Kenyans travelling abroad, the majority of the jobs advertised were non-skilled. 

In Saudi Arabia, most of the jobs are for housemaids, cleaners, drivers and security guards. 

In Germany, there are a variety of non-skilled jobs including kitchenward, receptionist and stateroom attendant. 

President Ruto has promised that Kenya will enter into labour bilateral agreements with other countries to ensure that Kenyans migrating abroad will earn between Ksh100,000 and Ksh150,000. 

While there are few locally available jobs in NEAMIS, the government is employing thousands of young Kenyans through the affordable housing program. 

To peruse local and foreign available jobs listed by the Ministry of Labour, click on

Labour CS Florence Bore Pictured Alongside Saudi Arabia Labour Migration Sector Officials on December 21
Labour CS Florence Bore Pictured Alongside Saudi Arabia Labour Migration Sector Officials on December 21
CS Florence Bore


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