Vihiga County Family in Fear After Receiving Death Threats

Members of public outside a police station.
Members of public outside a police station.
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A family in Vihiga County, residing in the Embut Elsuka village, is gripped by fear following the receipt of a threatening letter, three years after one of their kin was mysteriously murdered.

Members of the family report that the death threats have persisted over an extended period, significantly impacting their daily lives.

Despite reporting the incidents to the Vihiga police station, no action has been taken. Consequently, the family is now appealing to the government for intervention.

“We received a letter, and someone is threatening our lives. Even the court case seeking justice for our slain kin was never resolved,” the brother of the slain man stated. 

A police vehicle parked outside a hospital.
A police vehicle parked outside a hospital.

According to the mother of the slain man, the death threats may originate from the same perpetrators who took the life of her kin three years ago.

“I’m requesting the government to help me because I fear for my life. My son was murdered together with his wife and kids, and nothing has been done,” she lamented. 

“I’m shaken, I can’t eat or sleep, we are afraid because the police are not doing anything about it,” a neighbour stated. 

In another family-related altercation, a former Administrative Police officer was on Wednesday held accountable after stabbing his wife who was asleep in their daughter’s room. 

According to the victim, her husband broke into the bedroom around midnight, after forcibly breaking the door. Following this, he proceeded to stab her while questioning her identity.

"He came into the bedroom and asked me who am I to you," the lady stated.

The man, who allegedly also threatened to kill the wife, is said to have reported that the wife had assaulted him. The man alongside an investigation officer told the victim that she would be arrested and he would seek custody of one of their children.

The woman, however, was fortunate, as members of the victim's family confirmed his violent behaviour whenever he was under the influence of alcohol.

Police officers during a patrol in Trans Nzoia County.
Police officers during a patrol in Trans Nzoia County.
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