Businessman in Eastleigh Shooting Sustained Spinal Cord Injury

CCTV shows a motorcycle block that of Eastleigh Businessman Adan Ali Mohammed (left) and the businessman in hospital.
CCTV shows a motorcycle block that of Eastleigh Businessman Adan Ali Mohammed (left) and the businessman in hospital.
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New details have emerged regarding the shooting of Eastleigh businessman Adan Ali Mohamed captured on CCTV on Saturday, March 30.

A relative of the businessman told the press on Sunday that Mohammed, who was carrying Ksh4 million in cash, was en route to banking the money covering two-day sales of cooking oil.

The businessman, who was riding as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle, was accosted by another motorcycle and shot in the neck.

He was later rushed to hospital where it was established that he had suffered a spinal cord injury since the bullet entered through his neck and exited through the back.

Screen grabs of the events leading up to the shooting of the Eastleigh businessman.
The Eastleigh Voice

"He was taking two-day sales of cooking oil to the bank. He found the bank closed and called his colleague to inform him," a relative told the press.

"He was told to take a motorbike and within a half-kilometer, he was accosted by thieves whose origins were unknown. He was shot and robbed of the money."

A medical practitioner at the hospital where the businessman was admitted revealed that the injury was serious and would need a specialised procedure.

Mohammed could not feel his legs when he arrived at the hospital calling for a Computed tomography (CT) Scan and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

"When the injury happened, the patient could not sense his legs and when he was brought, we managed to take care of him immediately," the medical expert explained

"We did imaging, a CT Scan, and MRI. That confirmed our fears which shows that he has got a serious injury in his spinal cord. He will require a procedure to stabilise the spine and decompress the spinal cord to give him a chance for recovery."

The businessman, 26, was reportedly heading to BBS Mall at the time the attack when a perpetrator opened fire on him.

Following the incident, officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations arrived at the scene to gather evidence and assess the situation. 

Eastleigh police confirmed that a manhunt for the two perpetrators had been launched.

Police officers and their landcruiser at a past crime scene
Police officers and their Landcruiser at a past crime scene
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