Ababu Namwamba Dismisses Raila's Conditions

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General Ababu Namwamba on Friday dismissed a two-week ultimatum given to him and his Western counterparts by party leader Raila Odinga.

After Namwamba raised concerns of being disrespected by other ODM leaders, Mr Odinga convened a meeting where he reportedly gave the lawmaker a period of 14 days to solve issues between him and the party.

According to Namwamba, he was a free man who could not allow anybody dictate his political future.

The embattled Budalangi legislator stated that he was not a slave and those trying to control him by issuing deadlines were disrespecting his constituents.

“I will not allow anyone to stifle me, telling me I cannot go there, you cannot speak to this person, this one cannot be your friend. When someone disrespects me, they disrespect the Budalangi. We make our decisions in a free manner,” said Namwamba.

The Secretary-General also asserted that he would not just support anyone because they shared a party.

The ODM hierarchy has been championing for a six-piece voting pattern which Namwamba dismissed.

“I will not vote anybody who has not worked even if they are in my party. You should vote for individuals but not on the grounds of the party,” he affirmed.

During Wednesday's crisis meeting, it is reported that Odinga accused the Budalangi MP of going contrary to the party policies.


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