Man with Mental Disability Dies after Being Sodomized

  • Residents of Ndiu village are yet to come to terms with an incident that saw a vulnerable one of their own die under cruel circumstances.

    45 year old Vincent Kinyua was  allegedly sodomized and left abandoned in a plantation with injuries that later claimed his life.

    Talking to Citizen TV, the deceased’s brother Charles Munene narrated that Kinyua had been drinking at a local bar when he accidentally spilled his drink on a fellow patron.

    The angry man is said to have dragged Kinyua outside, beaten him and later went back to the pub to finish his drink.

    Kinyua did not show up at home that evening.

    The next day, neighbors spotted the missing man in a banana plantation and informed Munene who on close inspection, discovered that his brother had been sodomized and was bleeding profusely from the wound.

    He was rushed to hospital for treatment but u unfortunately succumbed to injuries on the way.

    The suspect was apprehended by Runyenjes police who have launched an investigation into the crime.