Ruto Ally Defends Raila from State House Official's Attacks

An ally to Deputy President William Ruto has moved to defend Opposition Leader Raila Odinga against attacks from a State House official.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir on Thursday exchanged with State House Director of Digital Communications Dennis Itumbi on Facebook over the current anti-IEBC protests.

Kipkorir criticised Itumbi for using his position to 'divide the country' by using words which according to the lawyer were demeaning when describing the Opposition's actions. 

“CORD have a constitutional right to demonstrate, picket and present petitions every Monday, nay, even every day and night. It isn’t a privilege of any government. When people destroy property, arrest the individuals, but don’t try to demonise a whole people… Collective condemnation ended with Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin and Pol Pot.

“We must support our government to succeed, but treat all Kenyans with utmost respect. To use the name of the government to segregate part of the country through words that demean them isn’t higher calling,” Mr Kipkorir argued.

On the other hand, Mr Itumbi faulted Korir for being an Opposition sympathiser as he had supported Mr Odinga during the last elections.

“I love criticism Wakili, but let it be True and Sincere not a generalisation. Claiming that I use demeaning WORDS on any leader is actually not true, I always refer to the Former PM as Honourable.

My criticism is based on things I can prove.

“Wakili I wish to let you know I appreciate your letter, I enjoyed reading it, but I reject the notion that speaking out Facts without opinion and tabling them is spreading hate or causing divisions between tribes," Itumbi concluded. 

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