Student Poisons Bright Classmates

  • Residents of a village in Tharaka-Nithi County were shocked after a boy allegedly served his four classmates with a poisonous powdery substance.

    The pupils at Giampampo Primary School were admitted to Chuka General Hospital after complaining of severe stomach aches following consumption of the powder.

    The boy was reportedly in the company of seven classmates when he gave the first four bright pupils the glucose-like substance.

    He is said to have tricked his friends into believing that their teacher sent him to provide the top performers with the present.

    “We were in class when our colleague came in with a powder which looked like glucose and claimed that he was given by our class teacher as a reward to the seven of us for performing well in examination. But when we ate it we developed stomach problem,” narrated one of the discharged pupils as quoted by Nation.

    Chuka General Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Elijah Kameti confirmed that the victims were in stable condition, although doctors were yet to establish contents of the poisonous susbstance.

    Their teacher, Mr Stephen Gitonga, further revealed that the alleged offender gave the powder to the bright pupils only.

    “This boy must have bad motive because he selected the bright ones,” declared Gitonga.

    It is reported that the pupil admitted giving his colleagues the charm, which he disposed in a latrine after the victims started experiencing excruciating stomach pains.

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