Why Gov Ngilu Could Lose Her Seat After New Ruling

  • Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu could lose her seat after the High Court ordered for a vote recount in a petition filed by former Kitui County boss Julius Malombe.

    The court's order was the first win for Malombe as he had alleged that the election was marred by irregularities.

    Justice Pauline Nyamweya, while making her ruling, noted that there were irregularities in many parts of the county including in Mwingi South and Mwingi North.

    "Other issues raised by the petitioner which the court agreed on were some forms 34A and 37As were not signed thus the results can't be authentic," Justice Nyamweya ruled.

    [caption caption="Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu shakes hands with her predecessor Julius Malombe"][/caption]

    An IEBC official told the court that some forms 37A were not signed by the Presiding and Deputy Presiding Officers, but that was not enough to invalidate the election.

    Gogo Nguma, who was the Returning Officer, noted that some of the forms had no signatures and stamps.

    He stated that the officials may have failed to sign due to fatigue as they did not take a break while working.

    Governor Ngilu also testified that she won the elections fair amd square and dismissed the claims by her opponent Malombe that she bribed voters.

    Malombe had also accused Ngilu's supporters of chasing his agents at the polling stations on the voting day.

    [caption caption="Former Kitui County boss Julius Malombe"][/caption]

    Wiper was considering prevailing on the former Kitui Governor to drop his election petition against current county chief Charity Ngilu.