4 Gangsters Shot Dead in Nairobi's Dandora Estate

4 suspected gangsters were on Saturday night shot dead by police in Nairobi's Dandora estate.

The operation by police recovered a pistol robbed from a policeman killed in bus carjacking incident recovered.

The GSU officer identified as Martin Korir was shot dead in April when a Neo Kenya Mpya bus he was travelling in was hijacked along Thika Road.

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Police assured that investigations were underway as they launched a manhunt for the killers.

During the robbery, the thugs were reported to have frisked the passengers and upon learning the officer had a gun, stabbed him and took his firearm.

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“The gang stole from the other passengers before escaping on foot,” a police report read in part.

According to witnesses, the officer was not able to act fast to defend himself and other passengers.

Police in Nairobi have intensified their war against criminal gangs with Nairobi's most wanted criminal Shimoli Jr felled by Kenya Police in Jericho on Friday.

Though details of the incident remain scanty, reports indicate he was felled after being trailed.

Mr Shimoli, at the time of his murder, had confessed to 14 murders, 88 rapes plus a string of bank robberies and drug deals in a decade-long crime plot.

He was also a serial jailbreaker, escaping from prison four times, including staging an escape from the country's maximum security prison moments before he was to be hanged.

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