Mike Sonko Given 2-week Ultimatum to Move Back to City Hall Office

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been given 14 days to move from his Mua home in Machakos to his City Hall office.

Nairobi MCAs, through Majority Leader Abdi Guyo directed the governor to stop running county affairs from his Machakos residence and return to his office as mandated by the constitution.

Guyo pointed out that if he fails to comply, he will be summoned by the Assembly to explain why he cannot conduct his duties from City Hall.

The Nairobi legislators noted that it was ironical for Sonko to be operating from another county.

"We have resolved that we want Governor Sonko back at his City Hall office. City Hall is gazetted as the Nairobi County headquarters and we cannot have a governor running our affairs from another county," Guyo remarked.

Sonko was accused of moving moved his base of operation in May in fear of his life after the government recalled most of his bodyguards.

However, the governor’s communications director Jacob Elkana dismissed the allegations.

"The Governor has been operating from his office in Nairobi. The MCA's are just bitter because he has sealed all corruption loopholes," he mentioned.

The county boss was also given two weeks to appoint his deputy.

"The issue of deputy governor is long overdue. In this motion of county affairs we have resolved that the Governor appoints his deputy as soon as possible because we need him or her in one way or the other,” Guyo stated.

Sonko issued a warning indicating that he might be forced to make a rushed decision in choosing a deputy governor if he is not given time.

Now there is no pressure, you previously piled pressure on me I nominated Miguna. If you do the same I will nominate another Miguna and you will reject him. Hence, let's wait until the President is back so that we consult," he mentioned during his late father’s anniversary.

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