NSSF Portal: How to Register and Pay Online

  • Most Kenyans are known to live day to day, not minding to plan for their sunset years. Having a retirement plan assures one of living comfortably, even when retirement comes calling and you no longer have the energy to work for your livelihood.

    The government of Kenya, through the National Social Security Fund, has enabled all Kenyans, despite their economic status, to have a pool whereby they can save for their after-years by paying monthly premiums to NSSF.

    What is even better is that one can access the NSSF services through their online self-service portalhttp://www.nssf.or.ke/

    How to Register for The NSSF Self Service Portal

    1. Click on the Member Self Service link.

    2. For members already registered with NSSF, click on the Existing Member eCertification link. In case you don’t remember you NSSF membership number, visit the nearest NSSF branch for assistance.

    3. For a new member (without a prior NSSF registration number) click on the Member Registration link.

    4. Complete the form displayed accurately.

    5. Print the application notification and contact the nearest NSSF office for certification.

    6. Contacts for the nearest NSSF branch are available on www.nssf.or.ke/branches Member Activation.

    How To Activate

    1. Go to
    2. You will be required to complete the following fields :
    • Username

    • Password

    • Encoded NSSF Pin Key

    In case you lose your Encoded Key loss, you shall not have the ability to change your password.

    In order to obtain a new Encoded Key, you need to submit a new registration application via the User Re-registration option.

    Click on the Activation tab. Here, the values you entered in each separate field will be checked for validity. In case of a mistaken entry, an appropriate error message shall appear, suggesting the invalid fields.

    To re-enter your details in case of an error, click on the Reset Tab. This button automatically clears every completed field within the form and allows data re-entry.

    How to Recover Forgot/Lost Password

    In case you have forgotten your password, click on the Lost Password tab and fill in the mandatory fields. Note: You must have activated your account to be able to reset the password. 

    If you have forgotten your Username or Password, click on the Member Re-certification link and re-enter the application details with a new Username and Password.  

    How to Top up your NSSF Voluntary Contributions

    MPESA Contributions Guide

    You can now make contributions directly into your NSSF account through M-PESA. This is a fast, easy and convenient way to increase your contributions through your mobile phone. Simply follow the instructions listed below to do so. Please note:

    • NSSF Member must be an M-PESA registered customer

    • Ensure that there is a sufficient amount in your M-PESA account to cover all the transaction charges.

    • It takes up to 48 hours for the amount to be processed on your NSSF statement.


    1. Go to your M-PESA menu.

    2. Select Lipa na Mpesa.

    3. Select the PayBill option.

    4. Enter NSSF Business Number 333300.

    5. Enter your 9-digit NSSF number.

    6. Enter the amount you want to pay.

    7. Enter your MPESA pin.

    8. Confirm payment.

    How to get NSSF Kenya member statement on the self-service portal

    1. Launch the NSSF Self-Service portal on your browser.                                                                                
    2. On the e-portal, click on Member self-service links option.                                                                
    3. Select the NSSF contributions statement tab. This will lead you to the Statement Account login page.    
    4. Enter your NSSF username and password to allow you to log in.                                                                
    5. Fill out the login details                                                                                                                     
    6. Enable account privileges.                                                                                                                    
    7. Log in and click on the provided link on the page to continue.                                                            
    8. You will be redirected to your account, scroll to select the statement period you wish to access. Click on the tab that reads Issue account.                                                                                                          
    9. Your digitally generated NSSF statement will appear.