MP Exposed for Being a Quack Doctor

  • Nominated MP David Ole Sankok is on the spot over a story done by a local newspaper about him claiming to be a doctor of medicine and surgery.

    The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) slammed the local publication adding that the writer had not verified if the MP was indeed a doctor before going to presss.

    "Journalism is not just about a nice grass-to-grace story. Get the facts!" read a statement by MCK. 

    Kenya Medical Association Vice President, Prof Atwoli Lukoye, in an opinion piece, dismissed Sankok and asked the media house to pull down the story and apologise to readers for the misleading article. 

    “One of the biggest problems in Kenya is quackery, fakery and impersonation. Here is a person without any medical qualification passing himself off as a surgeon. For his pains, he was nominated to Parliament. Here’s what’s wrong with this country,” Lukoye tweeted.

    On questioning further, Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union Secretary General Ouma Oluga told that the MP wasn't a member of the union. 

    After reaching out to the MP about the story, he responded that he was in a meeting and by the time of publication, he had not called back or sent his registration status with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board as requested. 

    In November 2018, Daily Nation had also written about the MP's suspicious qualifications. 

    “Mr Sankok is known to have styled himself as a doctor and to have run clinics offering medical services, yet he has no qualifications to offer treatment of any kind,” Nation columnist Macharia Gaitho wrote.

    “He dishes out National Council for Persons with Disabilities calling cards fraudulently identifying himself as ‘Dr David ole Sankok — Medicine and Surgery (University of Nairobi)’, but he never undertook and completed medical studies at the university or any other institution,” continued the article.